The Michelin Guide and the Zumkeller Chefs

Gourmet Restaurant Adler is the only restaurant in Germany, which has received a Michelin star every year since 1966. What makes this remarkable success story truly unique is that this was not owned to good management who always hired highly decorated chefs for the restaurant, but three generations of chefs from the owner family Zumkeller have defended the Michelin Star for 45 years until today.

Grandfather Erich Zumkeller was awarded the Michelin Star in 1966, the first year the Michelin Guide awarded stars to German restaurants. The restaurant’s specialties at the time were homemade duck pate, veal steak Adlerwirt’s Art and Black Forest cherry steak.

Winfried Zumkeller followed his father and continued the culinary success story of the Adler restaurant with much passion and attention to detail. Winfried is the driving force behind the culinary concept that goes with the times without being modern. Since Winfried’s first years, Restaurant Adler focuses on primarily regional cuisine with French and Mediterranean influences. Winfried Zumkeller’s specialties include brasato of the beef shoulder with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes.

In recent years Winfried led the Adler kitchen together with his son Florian. Since April 2011 Winfried Zumkeller has retired to Restaurant Chämi-Hüsle, which also belongs to Hotel Adler Häusern, and left it to Florian Zumkeller to lead the gourmet restaurant. Little has changed since then, the Adler cuisine stays true to its traditional style. But of course Florian’s specialties turbot and lobster in the open ravioli with spinach and cherry tomatoes as well as variation of veal tenderloin, cheek and sweetbreads – with truffle polenta and cabbage à la crème, can be found on the menu more frequently.

With the recent changes, the annual question of whether the restaurant’s traditional style that puts great emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, but refuses to go with short-term trends, still suits todays restaurant critics. We will find out with the publication of the 2012 Michelin Guide in November. Family, staff and Adler guests keep their fingers crossed that Florian Zumkeller will be able to continue the success story of the Zumkeller chefs in the Michelin Guide.