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Last Update 04/02/2023

There are no Covid-regulations in Germany!

Please find below what we do to further protect the health of vulnerable guests.

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What we do to protect the health of vulnerable guests

With the abolition of the last legal basis for infection protection, our inhouse health concept has been completely converted to technical solutions for excellent air quality and additional organizational measures that won't disturb any guest and will offer a maximum of protection for those who will value it.

Our health concept from April 2023:

1. Information: CO2 measuring devices with large displays of the values are clearly visible in public spaces (restaurant, reception/lobby bar, indoor pool, sauna relaxation room, gym) so that you always know the air quality.
2. Air quality: We have invested massively in air quality and of course have not cut back/switched off anything:
  • Lobby and restaurant areas: Automated, CO2-controlled fresh air ventilation systems reliably ensures excellent air quality with less than 800 ppm CO2.
  • Indoor pool: Due to the high water temperature, we have powerful permanent ventilation, the air quality also remains constantly below 800 ppm CO2.
  • Sauna: The sauna area has an automated fresh air ventilation system, supply of fresh air to the saunas continues to be maximized.
  • Spa: Treatment room windows are oped between guests, in addition we combine automated fresh air ventilation with HEPA filters to ensure maximum air quality during the treatment without guests feeling a draft during their massage.
  • The gym and some other areas (mainly corridors) that we cannot yet ventilate with fully automated ventilation systems still have powerful HEPA filters.
  • Guest rooms are aired intensively at guest change. During the stay it is possible to cancel daily cleaning. On request, we will also be happy to provide you with an air filter for your room.
3. Distance: We continue to have generous table and lounger distances and, as a small boutique hotel with a maximum occupancy of 84 guests, there is always more than enough space and privacy for all guests.
4. Disinfection: We continue to disinfect all surfaces daily, tables, rooms and spa cabins additionally between all guests, and provide hand sanitizer for staff and guests in public areas.
5. Paid sick leave: We have the rule that staff members don't come to work with a cold, even if they feel "capable of working".
6. Masks as required: Due to the excellent air quality, masks are now voluntary for our employees. We as the owner family and some employees plan to continue to wear masks if we cannot reliably keep distance from other people. ALL employees working directly at the guest (restaurant and spa staff) are happy to wear a mask if we know that a guest would appreciate it. Please contact us before your arrival or on site, we will be happy to arrange this for you!
7. Room service: We are happy to bring drinks and food (including the evening menu as part of half board or ¾ board) to your room (at an additional cost). It is helpful for us if we know in advance that you plan to use room service, then we can allocate you a room that is accessible without steps and therefore with our beautiful serving/dining car. Of course, the room service employee can also wear a mask if we know.
8. Vacation outdoors: Our region is the ideal place for outdoor activities. If you also like to stay outside at the hotel itself, we have a large sunbathing lawn in the garden and 2 very nice restaurant terraces.
9. Infection protection equipment for guests: In our snack machine behind the reception you can still get FFP-2 masks, self-tests and hand disinfectants for personal use around the clock. We also provide an air filter for your room on request.

Especially since many hotels are unfortunately no longer considerate, we are happy to be able to offer careful and vulnerable guests a carefree hotel holiday, as well!

Kind regards and hope to see you soon
Your Zumkeller family

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